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Seal Class (3 to 4 years)

During this year, your little one will grow and develop in many ways.  They will be more curious than ever and will probably be full of questions.

This year of your child’s life is magical, as your child is starting to listen to you and their imaginations are running even more wild.

We at Horizon Lighthouse encourage the children to talk, explain themselves and explore.  We will have so much fun finding out their answers to questions asked and we will certainly be keen listeners to their fun and interesting stories.

In this class we will teach and encourage the children to: –

Feed themselves without messing

Drink without spilling

Button up his/her own buttons

Tie his/her own shoe laces

Introduction to printing alphabetic letters and numbers

Correctly name familiar colours

Understand the idea of same and different

Pretend and fantasise more creatively

Follow three-part commands

Remember parts of a story

Understand time better (for example, morning, afternoon, night)

Count, and understand the concept of counting

Sort objects by shape and colour

Complete age-appropriate puzzles

Recognise and identify common objects and pictures

Build with blocks

Kick, throw, and catch a ball

Hop and stand on one foot for up to five seconds

Independent washing and drying of hands.

Arts and Crafts

String beads

Painting ‘designs’ on paper

Mould clay into balls, cakes and strips and be able to name his/her creation

Draw in circular movements

Cut on a line with a pair of scissors

Draw a square using crayons


Cutting pictures out and paste them onto paper.